Aug 25, 2023·edited Aug 25, 2023

Reading the above, what I get curious about is this: aren't the particular illusions with which we obscure & distort reality within ("under") capitalism but one flavor of how people find & have found ways to do that? Let's say that through our "struggle" (popular metaphor), we manage to "dismantle" (another one) not only capitalism, but also patriarchy, white supremacy, heterosexism, able-ism, and other tools of our "oppressors". That would be a good thing, right? Still, I wonder, if we don't look into, and face up to, underlying delusions that feed these particular brands of upside-down-ness that you & I are most familiar with, who's to say that, after the rosy flush of "victory" has faded, we won't end up in a "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" situation? That's why I resonate with (for use, not for stopping or grabbing) some things that bell hooks, drawing upon & synthesizing many influences in the book "All About Love", says about the difference between the aims and attitudes of domination and those of love. This is where I personally find my inward and outward creative work merging and mutually reinforcing. It's also where, instead of setting up my "isms" based on a pre-fab template for an "ideal" me or an "ideal" society, I can best practice your "I'd Rather Be Here Now" mantra. Well, I'm going outside now to read that rear bumper sticker on my car on the way to the dentist! Thanks, I love you!

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